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Reviews from notguilty_1

    4/10/2017 10:00

    kathoey 100% !!!

    9/4/2016 02:28

    real pics! anna is absolutely gorgeous. sexy, genuinely horny, enthusiastic and great service.tight hot body, good massage. absolutely worth recommending. 8/10

    7/22/2016 07:09

    fake pics(model danielle rael) totally shit service 1/10

    6/18/2016 21:49

    the girl is 20kg fatter in the flesh than the pics. tried to change the agreed price and was dishonest about everything. was heavily drug effected. personal hygiene and grooming was not acceptable. bad breath and unwashed pussy.paid extra for bbbj $50 but in hindsight probably best if i was fully protected saving $50 as i stopped after 25 mins of an hour booking due to the lacklustre service she provided. molly needs to choose a new career path because her package she offered was a very dissapointing 2/10

    5/14/2016 19:01

    WARNING; this dirty fucken trash bag gave me clamydia.!!! AVOID THIS FILTHY PIG...!

    4/30/2016 06:42

    fake pics..! not the girl u meet in pics at all

    4/28/2016 20:55

    fake pics, unclean,shit blowjob, starfish fuck. 0/10

    4/26/2016 03:46

    NO GOOD AT ALL! she was somewhat pretty in person but obviously wired and high/. uninterested with poor english/. shower was disgusting/. heavily stained matress on the floor/. towels were used before and not clean/. her hair greasy/. bad BAD garlic breath/. even worse tattoos/. heavy HEAVY odour wofting from her unmanicured pussy/. tiny pieces of toilet paper stuck to ass hairs and the side of pussy truely horrendous/. toothy and rough deepthroat bj/. tight yet non responsive pussy/. i didnt cum go figure/. DONT DO IT TOO CHEAP & NASTY!!!

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