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AD not found, here are some reviews about 0435-759-944

  • Paul Kemp

    11/5/2017 19:51

    What an absolute gem Vanessa is. Picture are of her and a beautiful woman. Best gfe I have experienced in 20yrs as a punter. Not to be missed. Treat her with respect and you will reap the rewards.

  • Willy Cumina

    11/16/2017 22:32

    Vanessa is a special lady. Her photos are genuine and her service is real gfe. Great body all natural. Keeps fit and toned. Fully shaved. Is a very pretty lady with great personality. Definitely one to see.

  • HobartPunter314

    2/8/2018 12:01

    Pictures are real, she is undeniably hot but dont waste your money.

    Arrive even a few minutes late and you will be barraged by angry messages demanding updates on your arrival time(difficult while driving). She gives incomprehensible instructions on how to find where she can see you, instead of simply giving you her room number. She then breaks off all contact and curses you out for costing her hundreds of dollars and not being genuine. End of first attempt.

    On her next visit to hobart I decided to try again. I get in alright, she’s hot and seems friendly. I shower and we get down to it, this is where everything goes downhill and my list of complaints is long:

    1. She is utterly incapable of putting a condom on correctly. You roll it on not stretch it over ffs
    2. She buys the worst condoms I have ever had the displeasure of using. These textured condoms are what I imagine the romans wrapping their dicks in sheep intestines would feel like.
    3. She utterly drowns everything in lube and complains mightily if you accidentily wipe any off with your hand.
    4. Her cunt is the embodyment of the “throwing a sausage down a hallway” saying.
    5. Her body is hard and muscular, not soft and welcoming.
    6. She vehemently insists on very strange contortions and any attemp to coax her to take up a more normal possition is met with complaints that it hurts. I dont want your legs over my shoulders, it makes thrusting extremely difficult ffs.
    7.After making the whole experience utterly horrible she starts insisting that theres only 5 minutes left when there is at least 15 minutes left. Yes I looked at the clock when we started too cunt.

  • Kinkyness

    2/15/2018 01:21

    The pictures are real but her service is bad. Worst kissing, worst blowjob and can't handle a descent size cock.
    She always watches the clock and tries to make you leave early. Save your money....