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AD not found, here are some reviews about 0498-324-137

  • c-cup_lover

    9/9/2016 22:27

    over priced, using fake photo's and description. size 12 not size 8. tries to rush the job to cut time short.

    9/20/2016 00:00

    Says she does services but then doesn't. Nothing like the pics MUCH bigger

  • Debauche

    9/21/2016 23:49

    I managed to book with Annalise sometime during the month of September '16. I must say she delivered 100% on all services agreed upon. I found her 'personality' to be welcoming, inviting, warm and friendly. Courting a sexual and intoxicating figure. I was more than pleased with the site of womanhood that stood before myself as she opened the door.
    My only apprehension and conclusion to the following negative reviews is that I may have possibly been 86'd as a difficult client; with little - to no interest shown on her end toward repeat performances - which may have attributed to the latter couple of negative reviews; with fellow punters left felling jilted.
    As always though, in this game YMMV.
    8.5/10 one of Brisbane's best, if you're lucky

  • rulo

    9/22/2016 19:20

    I thought to give it a go with this WL as pics looked exactly what I was after but definitely 100% fake. I didn't want to be rude so basically I just walked out of the door. Avoid!!!

  • Togga

    9/23/2016 14:01

    fake, looks similar but this girl is more a size 12-14. nice till she has your money
    - a pain to make a booking.
    - service is ordinary.
    - wastes time, runs late - then includes it the time , includes shower, evaluator time.
    - cant give a descent blowjob.
    - borderline personality
    not a 300 an hour girl, better service at a brothel.


    9/23/2016 19:41

    Well what can I say about my visit with Annalise, except that the entire experience from start to finish was an absolute pleasure...when I finally got a booking that is! She is obviously a very sort after young lady as it took me several different nights of trying to get a booking. She did, however, always let me know when I enquired if she had available bookings for the day or when she would next have one (she's not very good at answering the telephone though, I would assume she prefers text). When I arrived I waited about 10minutes downstairs before I was buzzed up. She greeted me in a little black dress, very professional & well-presented. She looks just like her photos show, however I would say the pictures are re-touched slightly, no more than a usual Instagram selfie tho. She would be about a size 10, very womanly and curvy but I love that. We chatted for a minute & she offered me a shower which I was delighted to find out wasn't taken out of my time. She was very friendly and made great eye contact. She seemed innocent but at the same time I could see the cheekiness in her eyes. Was very personable and didn't mind a joke which is awesome in such situations as these. When we got down to business she took my breath away, this girl definitely knows how to use her tongue in all the right places! She was open to trying everything on the service list she had sent me when we first started talking and didn't disappoint, especially with the Bj. After I had finished twice we sat and chatted for a bit, she didn't look at the clock once & even let me quickly rinse off before taking the money when I left! All in all I would say it was one of the most comfortable experiences I've had with a WL, at least in the Brisbane area. If you don't mind waiting & aren't rushing for time I would highly suggest you book in with her. She's also very happy to send photos & videos to verify herself before the booking is made so you can be sure you've got the real deal! 9/10, could definitely charge a little more than she does.

  • Andy76

    9/24/2016 00:57

    10/10 for this girl! I will admit that I have registered on this website to specifically rate Annalise. Only because after corresponding with her in an attempt to make a booking, I did a quick web search on her and came across some of the negative reviews on here. I mentioned this to her and admitted my reluctancy to go ahead with the booking. She replied that a client had never seemed unhappy yet and offered verification photos to prove they were a load of bull. I decided to take the risk.
    I arrived at her apartment in Bowen hills last night.... Eventually
    I knock. she opens the door.
    Wow. Prettiest face. And striking eyes. A definite tanned and smooth small body. Not what I expected.
    This girl is all smiles as she greets me. Then as she goes to step away and lead me in, She looks at me in the cutest way... Her head is down, her eyes are up, that little smile. Very charming!
    Her presence Is very relaxed and mysterious at first. It really draws you in. I went for my wallet to try calm my nerves, but she touches my hand and says "oh don't worry. We can sort it out after babe."
    The look she gives makes her words a command...
    Annalise was beautiful,with a seductive but cute look and vibe about her.
    But it's in the bedroom that she shocks the most.
    This girl blows your trumpet like nothing I can describe. Everything about her service was out of this world. The pleading look she gives when you are going at her mish, the spinning rotation of her hips when she's riding. A back arch like nothing I have seen before or even imagined in my mind!
    I will never forget our time together!
    Annalise is multi dimensional with a massively intriguing personality. She is every bit a woman in their rawest state possible!
    Rare find.
    She's the girl you just don't expect and can't forget!
    Thank you.

  • dickdiggler

    9/24/2016 18:26

    Posts from other punters in PP forum also mentioning this WL using fake photos so watch out punters

  • cory86

    9/27/2016 09:27

    I managed to see her last Friday and she is much mich bigger in person. She's posting again using more fake and really out of date pics. The girl has an attitude (plays the sweet girl until she collects your money) Waist of time & money

  • elliotxxx

    9/28/2016 22:47

    My 2 cents for all the punters out there: This girl is more a size 14, uses really outdated pictures & once she has your money she literally refuses to do the services she advertises. Rushes the service, tries to cheat you with the time and has a bit of an attitude. Do not pay for a bad experience.

  • dave90

    10/7/2016 23:50

    Just a brief review from a first timer of backpage/cracker. I txt her and tried several times during the week so I finally managed to see Annalise in Bowen Hills after I was brain washed about the negative reviews I found on other forums & here. The story she uses is that other escorts are behind the bad reviews. I must admit the pictures she is using now are more accurate (compared with the old ones she was using so for the next punter reading this: If the pictures avoid a certain part of her anatomy don't expect much of the rest) She's more a size 12, on her late 20's (27~28), counts the $$$ immediately and rushes the service as "she doesn't have much time". Better off trying some other WL rather than wasting your money with her.

  • Terri-fic

    10/8/2016 06:33

    the only thing fake about the Annalise package is the negative reviews you stumble across when you're thinking about her on a lonely arse Saturday morning!
    Obviously one person on one vendetta!
    Annalise Is the exact opposite to how they have described her.
    Warm, radiant, and kind hearted, it makes me ponder why someone could have it in them to say she delivers a bad service.
    I'm a member on PP and have not seen a single bad review yet!
    In fact it is amusing how even the mass amounts of actually obvious fake girls and Ne other girl on this site for that matter ... Have not a single one review on them...
    However Annalise has 8 negative ones when I and no one else in Annalise's paradise of a world could have one bad thing to say!
    Suggesting we see other "WLs" (same word use) on multiple posts indicates a fake poster to me.
    I love the girl! She fixes every problem my life has ever had every single time I see her. Which is often!
    Amazing girl. An Absolute gem!